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5 in 5 Adventure Series

Updated: Mar 16

The summer of 2019 was not the most exciting season of our lives. With quarantine in full swing and all of our travels canceled, Jacob and I were feeling pretty down. At this point, we had only been living in the Fox Cities for 18ish months, and now a quarter of that time had been restricted to inside our apartment. Don't get me wrong, it has been great getting to spend so much quality time together, as I learn how to do my job from a card table in the kitchen and Jacob stresses about the upcoming school year, on the couch, or maybe the bed, only traveling 8 feet away at all times. You have to love tiny apartments.

We were ready for something, anything, to help us with the monotony of our new schedules. I cannot recall where the idea sparked. One of us must have said something in passing or possibly we saw something on social media.

What if we picked a topic or activity and planned a "date" each day of the week with something new to do, or experience, or see?

This idea resonated so strongly within us. It would give us something to get us out of the house and into our new region, to explore and connect to an area we were still getting to know and love. As we discussed, we decided to make it 5 dates over 7 days, so we had some wiggle room for modifications. The only rule? It has to be something we have never done, seen, or eaten before. Thus was born our 5 in 5.

5 Local Tourist Destinations in 5 Days


5 Classic Movies in 5 Days


5 Speciality Stores in 5 Days


... Well, I think you get the idea.

And because Jacob had so much pent-up creative energy (working with high schools will do that to you), we had to think of a way to document our experience, hench the creation of the Fox Cities Staycation website.

We are really happy you have decided to join us in getting to know the Fox Cities, our new home. Explore the websites, check out our adventures, and if you have any ideas on what we are missing, let us know.

See you out there,

Kaelyn & Jacob

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